Vintage Baoule- Cushion Cover


*Insert not included* 

Care: Hand or machine wash in lukewarm to cold water.

Front: Baoule Fabric

Back: Beige Recycled Cotton Fabric

Baule (also spelt Baoule) cloth is a cultural textile from Ivory Coast, also known as Ikat, which refers to the dyeing process. The cloth is made from hand-loomed cotton, woven in 5 inch strips, and then dyed before stitching together.

The history of the Baule cloth dates back to the early 18th century, during the time of the Ashanti Kingdom, now modern-day Ghana. The Ivory Coast formed part of the Ashanti Kingdom. The process of weaving the Baule cloth was modelling on the royal Kente cloth of the Ashanti Kingdom. Over the centuries since, the Baule cloth has been adapted by the Baule people into it’s own style, with signature embroidered pops of colour from the artisan embellishing the textile.

This Baule cloth is vintage and was created circa 1960s – 1970s. 

As these fabrics are vintage handmade, they will have some imperfections. Each pillow will also vary from the other and be one-of-a-kind as they are cut from sections from one cloth.