Baobab Jar Pod


Baobab Jar Pods, from the iconic African baobab tree fruit shells is designed by Seedling and carved and painted by local skilled artisans. A jar used to store anything from coffee beans, tea bags, candy, to tea lights. Wooden base and lid is handcrafted with recycled hardwood. 

Seedling look at nature as a source of inspiration for their designs and as a source of raw materials ready to be upcycled and reshaped to fit unexpected new purposes handmade by a skilled team. The Baobab pods are harvested, cleaned and cut to shape by local community workers.
The cleaned raw shells are then further refined and assembled in their workshop. The fruit pulp, fiber and seeds are also upcycled and processed following their zero waste policy.

Size varies as pods are made of Baobab seeds, they can range from 15-20 cm. Wooden base and lid diameter 75 mm. 

Please note, due to the nature of the material each jar is unique and can vary in dimensions and shape.