Swahili Style

SAHILI finds inspiration from Swahili Culture and Style

It is the Language, People, Architecture and Lifestyle of the tropical shores and coral atolls of the Indian Ocean Coastline of East Africa. The language is the trader’s language combining words from Africa, Arabia, Asia and Europe. It is a fusion culture melding ideas from Africa, Arabia, Asia, and Europe. 
-Bibi Jordan 

The Swahili Style has been influenced by many cultures  

Over the past thousands of years, the Swahili have had contact with many different people, Chinese, Indians, European, and Arabs interacted with Africans, producing a rich cultural tradition
-Richard Leakey 

SAHILI aims to cultivate this rich cultural tradition and bring the essence of the Swahili Style to life. Combining this with a touch of Modern, Bohemian and African meets Scandinavian Style