About Us

 The Motto is to Produce Responsibly and Source Ethically whilst Obtaining Quality in all our Products 

The Journey started with wanting to support the art of traditional craftsmanship made from natural resources. I set out to find a number of skilled handicraft groups in Kenya whom I work with today. Together we created a collection of beautiful products produced with care and consideration to the environment and community.

The aim is to give consumers an alternative to mass production and instead be a part of the slow fashion and interior movement. Each purchase also helps support our collaboration, ensuring a brighter future for our artisan groups and their work.

The collection is made from natural or recycled materials, and we continue to develop new exciting creations by combining sustainability, tradition, design and cultures.


A Bit of Background

Those who know me know that the love and appreciation for Kenya has always been apparent. This continues to grow no less now when working with suppliers of talented handicrafts. The people, history, culture and nature is a diverse and rich one in so many ways, and the craftsmanship produced by local artisans reflects the spirit of this.

My ambition is to offer a collection of products that reflects this essence. Sourcing products from Kenya means I can share the love and appreciation onwards and not only that do it with a clear conscience.

Being a ’third culture kid’, for good or bad, means that ones identity is not clearly rooted in one place, culture or ways. However, Kenya has always been a place that feels like ‘home’, perhaps because of its diversity or because of it being my country of birth. For whatever reason, a big part of me feels a strong connection and to share a piece of Kenya through my brand is a dream come true! Hope you shall enjoy the mix of products available.

Xx Teresa L.