Hadithi Crafts

Hadithi Crafts Support CBO is an umbrella organisation representing a number of women’s groups which make handicrafts in south-eastern Kenya. At present time, they sell the crafts from 49 women’s groups, this way helping to financially empower around 1450 women. These numbers are still growing.

Hadithi plays a supportive role for these women’s groups by helping them to build their capacity, improve the quality of their products, improve sales through joint marketing efforts, and learn business and other important skills to improve their lives overall. All of the profits from sales, as well as any other money received from donations to Hadithi Crafts Support CBO, are used only to offer support to these women’s groups.

Hadithi sales provide an income for people living in a vulnerable ecosystem. So by buying handicrafts, customers are helping to conserve a threatened forest full of wildlife, as well as helping the wonderful and kind people escape poverty in their daily lives in a dry area in south-eastern Kenya.

They believe the benefits created by sales are numerous.

( text from https://www.hadithikenya.com )