Aso-oke Vintage Cushion Cover


Size: 65 x 65cm 

*Insert not inlcuded*

Care: Hand or machine wash in delicate cycle.

Front: Aso-Oke Fabric

Back: Beige Cotton Fabric

ASO-OKE Origin: Nigeria. Status: Vintage (circa 1950s/60s). Aso-oke is the traditional textile hand-woven by the Yoruba people of Southern Nigeria, using traditional techniques. The Aso-oke was traditionally worn as a wrapper and comes in three pieces. The vintage aso-oke is dyed using natural dyes and is highly sought after and rare to find. It is generally made from a heavy gauge cotton, sometimes with silk and lurex woven into the designs. The oldest and most prized aso-oke comes in three colours: sanyan (gold/beige), alaari (magenta) and etu (indigo). 

These cushions are made from vintage hand made fabrics, they will have some imperfections. Each pillow will also vary from the other and be one-of-a-kind as they are cut from sections from one cloth.