Indigo Vintage Cushion


*Insert included for size 35 x 90*

Front: Indigo Fabric

Back: Beige Recycled Cotton Fabric

Care: Hand or machine wash in delicate cycle

INDIGO Origin: Burkina Faso. Status: Vintage (circa 1970s). Indigo is a hand-woven and hand-dyed textile from West Africa. It shares a similar method of construction with mudcloth. However the textile once stitched is then dipped into vats of natural indigo dye multiple times to get the depth of colour. The white part of the textile is generally (though not exclusively) done through wax relief in the dyeing process. Indigo uses traditional artisan techniques. Vintage indigo is quite rare to source and has a lovely, soft, worn patina.

As these fabrics are made from vintage hand made fabrics, they will have some imperfections. Each pillow will also vary from the other and be one-of-a-kind as they are cut from sections from one cloth.